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Top 8 Medela Breast Pumps 2019

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2019)

Top 8 Medela Breast Pumps 2019Medela’s range of breast pumps covers all the potential needs of breastfeeding mothers: from initiating breastfeeding for a prematurely born baby with the highest-standard, hospital-grade breast pump Symphony (available to rent), to expressing milk to cover the odd nights out with the high-performance manual pump Harmony, to exclusive breast milk pumping with our top individual-use double side pump Freestyle. Most pumps feature 2-Phase Expression technology, which mimics babies’ natural sucking rhythms, allowing mothers to express more milk in less time.

Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump

The Medela Freestyle breast pump is a pioneer double electric breast pump that easily fits in your hands. This is a breast pump which is famous for its top-level performance. It consists of thoughtful features and offers portability, self-determination, and flexibility. Se here its top features:

  • An Exceptional Breast Pump for Busy Mothers

This Medela’s product is small, lightweight and secure with a clip. The Freestyle double electric breast pump is made for busy mothers. Fix it with your blouse, put it into your side pocket and enjoy pumping on the go. If you need to express milk many times a day then this is an extremely efficient breast pump for mothers.

  • Portability

The weight of this pump is just 370 grams and it is one of the tiniest electric pumps available online. Medela’s Freestyle size and it’s rechargeable battery makes the pumping easier and you can pump almost anywhere.

  • Easy Collaboration and Interface

The Medeal Freestyle pump has a digital screen display which gives you information about how much you pumped and, power and speed level of suction. You must choose your comfort suction level from 1 to 9. The timer feature helps you with how much time you should pump. The best features of this Medela pump are backlit display and memory which makes your life easier. You should place your milk bottles into a breast pump bag when you are done, and store the whole thing in a handy fashionable black carry bag.

  • Two-Phase Expression Technology

The Medela Freestyle breast pump comes with an advanced and modern Two-Phase Expression Technology. Through this advanced technology, you feel the natural sucking pattern of a baby and feels very relaxed to use. The 2-Phase Expression begins with fast sucking rhythm up until your breast milk flow starts and then you can easily express the milk. You can control the vacuum through simple up-down buttons that suit your relief level.

Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump

  • It is a Portable Breast Pump
  • Comes with a Small Size
  • It has a Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy Interface
  • It has a Digital Display and Memory Features
  • Also has a Timer and Backlight Features
  • It Comes with a Two-Phase Expression Technology
  • You can Pump from Both Sides of the Breast
  • It is Quite Noisy
  • It is Expensive

Swing Maxi Double Electric Pump

If you are in search of a portable double electric breast pump then Swing Maxi Double Electric Pump is a great option for you. It is less expensive than Medela Freestyle pump and you may need to think about this Swing Maxi. Here are some amazing features of the Swing pump:

  • A Time-Saving Medela Pump

The Medela Swing maxi breast pump comes with a stronger and durable motor because this pump is designed for double pumping. Compared to single pumping, double pumping can cut expression time in half and remove 18% more milk.

  • Higher Energy and More Milk

You can express more milk through higher energy content because it allows you to pump from both sides of the breast.

  • Easy to Use and More Comfortable

The design of Medela Swing Maxi is quite simple it is very comfortable, you can easily use it anywhere. You can easily assemble it. For cleaning purposes, you can also disassemble effortlessly. You can also sterilize the parts of the pump in a microwave for your own ease.

  • Two-Phase Expression Technology

Like Medela Freestyle Breast pump, this pump also comes with two-phase expression technology. It is an advanced and modern technology, that assist you to express more milk in a very short time. As well as, you can also enjoy the natural sucking rhythm and pattern just through this technology.

Swing Maxi Double Electric Pump

  • You Can Pump More Breast Milk
  • It has a High Energy Pump
  • It is very Simple to Use
  • It is Truly Comfortable
  • You can Easily Pump
  • Attractive Interface
  • It has 4 Buttons
  • It is Small and Portable
  • It Comes with Two-Phase Expression Technology
  • It has a Double Pumping Feature
  • You can Save Your 2 Hours
  • Cheaper than Freestyle Breast Pump
  • It Produces Sound while Pumping

Swing Single Electric Breast Pump

The Swing Single Electric Breast Pump is another tiniest and lightweight product of Medela. Fix it to your belt and clip it with a strap on to your shoulder. This is the most suitable and comfortable pumping position for you. See here its best features:

  • Best for Everyday Use

The Medela Swing single electric breast pump saves you from latch-on complications, breast infections, and sore nipple issues. It is really compact and lightweight and still providing the maximum milk to your baby at a difficult time.

  • Effective & Comfortable

It comes with a strong and powerful small motor. It is designed to make sure that mothers’ breasts are all let down after every session of pumping. Mothers can also enjoy the comfortable PersonalFit breast shield feature which helps them to avert nipple pain while pumping.

  • Small and Lightweight Product

As I mentioned above, this is a small and lightweight pump of Medela. It easily fits in your purse or handbag. Working or traveler mothers can also easily set up the pump to extract milk anywhere. So, it is at easy to use, whether you are at work, traveling or at home.

  • Two-Phase Expression technology

This is another pump which has a Two-Phase Expression technology which is the best feature. This feature attracts most of the mothers to buy without any confusion. It gives the natural suckling pattern and mothers can express more milk in very less time. So, you say that this is a time saver pump!

Swing Single Electric Breast Pump

  • It is Effective and Comfortable Pump
  • It has a Powerful Small Motor
  • It Comes with a Fixed Breast Shield
  • It is a Small Product of Medela
  • It is Compact and Lightweight Pump
  • It can Fit into Your Purse
  • It has a Rechargeable Battery
  • It has Two-Phase Expression Technology
  • Only Single Breast Pumping Option
  • Quite Expensive

Mini Electric Breast Pump

The Mini Electric breast pump is a nice compressed electric pump by Medela. It is designed for mothers who infrequently express milk through a breast pump. Check here its’ top features:

  • Easy to Hold Electric Pump

If you are using a Mini Electric Breast Pump and if you want to pump for some special event, then it’s a good step to use this pump. If you choose a manual breast pump, it is truly time wasting. It is a portable and tinniest product of Medela and easily fits into your purse or handbag.

  • Compressed and Small

In Medela Mini Electric, on the top of the breast shield, a small motor is positioned, which makes the breast pump very compressed. You can easily work with your one hand. With a dial which is at the side of the motor, you can control the suction speed.

  • Only Five Parts

The Medela Mini Electric breast pump is made up of just 5 parts. Therefore, you can clean this pump in just a couple of minutes and is easy to assemble.

  • A Tubeless Pump

Another benefit of this Mini breast pump is that there are no tubes and the extracted milk directly goes into the milk bottle. So, you can easily avoid leakage of milk.

Mini Electric Breast Pump

  • It is a Really Compact Breast Pump
  • It has a Small Motor Unit
  • You can Easily Work with One Hand
  • It is made up of Only Five Parts
  • It is Easy to Assemble and Disassemble
  • It is Easy to Clean
  • It is a Tubeless Pump
  • Does not have Fixed Breast Shield
  • No Rechargeable Battery

Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Harmony Single Manual Breast Pump is another product of Medela and is made for mothers who frequently breastfeed. It is the best option if you are traveling somewhere as backup support. For more information, look below for its’ top features:

  • Discreet, Relaxed & Moderate

This pump is lightweight and compact as compared to other manual breast pumps. It is at all times, the best option in the form of backup support pump during traveling because it is compact. Therefore, I specifically suggest this breast pump for those mothers who frequently travel.

  • Lightweight and Powerless

Harmony is a Medela manual product so it doesn’t need electricity, power or batteries for pumping milk. It is quite silent while pumping. When you begin pumping, its smooth process will pleasurably surprise you. This Medela product is a very lightweight and easily adjusts into your handbag or purse.

  • User-friendly and Stylish Design

Medela Harmony’s stylish and modern design is instinctive and supports to use it effortlessly. You can also clean it without any trouble because it has twist handles that are strong. As well as, you can at all times, get the finest position to pump milk and feel comfortable while pumping. The handle of the pump is really soft and strong so, this makes it easier for you to express milk comfortably. It produces a very low sound when you pump.

  • Two-Phase Expression Technology

This Manual Breast Pump of Medela has great significance because it also has a Two-Phase Expression Technology. The newborn babies can enjoy the same suckling pattern and rhythm of breastfeeding. Through this advanced technology, you start to express milk from low level and then go to a high level of suction and speed where you express maximum milk from the breasts in very less time.

This technology helps you a lot and you can extract maximum milk when you are at work or on the go. It is a portable breast pump.

Harmony Manual Breast Pump

  • It is Light & Discreet Breast Pump
  • You can Switch During Pumping Milk
  • If You Don’t Pump Regularly, Use this Breast Pump on Its Own
  • It is Stylishly Designed
  • It is Relaxing to Use
  • This Pump has the Ergonomic Spiral Handle
  • It Comes with Two-Phase Expression Technology
  • Best for Occasional Use
  • Not Best Choice for Regular pumping
  • Hand Fatigue

Harmony Manual Breast Pump – Pump & Feed Set

The Medela Harmony breast pump and feed set come complete with:

  • Calma Feeding Machine
  • Nursing Pads

You need everything to start the process of expressing milk and then feeding your infant. Harmony single manual breast pump by Medela is made for mothers who frequently breastfeed and is great for traveler mothers as a backup pump. Before buying it, check out its best features here:

  • Relaxed & Gentle

If you want to get rid of hand fatigue and need to pump regularly for your newborn then it is at all times a good choice to buy this manual pump. The main reason to buy this pump is that it is really lightweight and compressed to hold in your hand. This manual breast pump is the best selection for mothers who spend most of their time on the go and want to express milk for their babies. It is also helpful in case of an emergency.

  • Lightweight and Discreet Pumping

Harmony is a manual product of Medela and it doesn’t need electricity or any power resource to work. No batteries are required to start the expression process. During the pumping session, it is quite silent. When mothers start pumping then its’ effortless functionalities will amaze them. This is a very lightweight breast pump that can fit into handbags.

  • Simple but Fashionable Design

The ergonomic twist handles of Medela Harmony and its simple design makes it very easy to use. It’s simple and discreet design allows you to clean it effortlessly. Mothers, at all times, choose the best possible position to express milk due to its twist handles. The liver of this pump isn’t made of solid stuff; therefore, you can hold the pump in your hands without any pain.

  • Two-Phase Expression Technology

Harmony is a product of Medela that is considered one of the few manual pumps that feature the Two-Phase Expression Technology all over the globe. It is a small, lightweight, portable, and best breast pump for a traveler and working mothers. The benefit of this technology is that the infant can feel the same natural breastfeeding pattern. It is a really advanced pump.

  • Pump & Feed Set along Breast Pump

The pump & feed set of the Medela Harmony breast pump comes complete with Calma feeding machine and nursing soft cloths. Each and everything is included that mothers require, to begin the process of expressing in order to feed the infant.

Harmony Manual Breast Pump - Pump & Feed Set

  • It is a Lightweight & Discreet Breast Pump
  • You can Easily Switch between Single and Double Pumping
  • It is Stylishly Designed
  • Very Comfortable to Use
  • Due to Ergonomic Twist Handle, You can Assemble it Effortlessly
  • It has a Two-Phase Expression Technology
  • The Discrete Breast-feeding Sucking Pattern of A Newborn Baby, the Best Solution due to Calma Solitaire
  • For On-The-Go Suitability, Separately Covered Nursing Pad, also Comes with Pump
  • Not Best for Long Term Pumping
  • No Facility of Breast Shields

Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump

The Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump is a research-based pump. It is designed and developed especially to assist mothers all over their breast-feeding period. It is also easy to:

  • Initiate
  • Build
  • Maintain

Symphony is famous and perfect for long-term and every day pumping sessions. If you are a new mother then you use the hospital grade breast pump in the maternity unit and then, later on, you choose which particular breast pump you to want to buy.

Medela Symphony is a pump that you can use at home and with a pump sets, mothers can extract their breast milk comfortably through this rental breast pump. Symphony pump set caters you with each and everything you want as a breastfeeding mother.Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump

  • You can Successfully Initiate Through this Pump
  • You can Maintain Sufficient Milk Supply
  • Lactation Support During the Initial Program
  • During the Main Program, you can Build the Milk Flow
  • For Exceptionally Sensitive Breasts, it is Truly Gentle
  • Helpful to Heal Mastitis
  • The Pump has Flat Nipples
  • Very Easy to Use
  • While Pumping, It is Quite Noiseless
  • It is Really a Time-Saving Pump
  • In Less Time, You can Pump Maximum Milk
  • When Natural Milk is not High, You can Maintain your Milk Flow
  • A Beneficial Higher Energy Content for Your Newborn Baby
  • It is Really Comfortable to Use
  • Efficient Working
  • It Comes with Two-Phase Expression Technology
  • It is Quite Expensive
  • Not the Best Choice for Occasional Pumping
  • Breast Pump Bra is not included

New Easy Expression Bustier

Mothers can easily extract milk than ever before just through the New Easy Expression Bustier. When you use this Medela Easy Expression bustier for pumping, you can perform your other task easily. With all Medela Double Electric Breast Pumps, mothers can without any difficulty, express milk with the Medela bustier. It is easy to wear due to its unique and strapless design with:

  • A Front Zip
  • Integrated Top Hook
  • a soft nylon or spandex mix

This makes it flexible and soft for sensitive skin. The stuff of this bustier is a very high standard, therefore, you can clean and wash it.

New Easy Expression Bustier

  • Easy, comfortable hands-free breast milk pumping
  • It is available in different sizes
  • Get other things done while pumping
  • An excellent complement to a double electric breast pump
  • Stretchy and very comfortable to wear
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • It is Quite Expensive
  • Not the Best Option for Occasional Pumping

Medela Breast Pump Guide 2019

If you are a new mother who wants to feeds its’ baby then, first of all, you have to become familiar with breast milk and how to pump it. If you don’t know anything about it then allow me to describe. The pumping machines for mothers resemble the ones used for cows. They work quite similar as well. The biggest example of the pumping machine for new mothers is Medela Breast Pump.

Many big organizations are mutually understanding that millions of mothers bring around a personal, luxurious, specific piece of technology, therefore, they introduce breast pump bags, backpacks, and tote bags. They can utilize these bags by putting the pumps in them when not using them. They can even use the bags for their personal stuff like a cell phone, makeup kit, keys, etc.

Medela came up with loads of extraordinary products and accessories in 2017 like the Sonata which is Medela’s involvement in the revolution.

Medela breast pumps expose all the potential necessities of breast-feeding mothers. They help mothers from the beginning of breast-feeding for a premature case of newborns with the high-quality and high standard, Medela Hospital Grade breast pumps. These pumps are available on rent.

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps assist you to express more milk to cover the all long winter nights with the top-performance Medela manual pump, “Harmony”. New mothers can easily use the breast pump for extracting breast milk with Medela top individual use Double Side Freestyle Breast Pump.

It is really useful in premature cases and you become a pumping professional that is good for you. In this case, you should pump after every 3 hours and log the pumping sessions with your hospital grade pump, it is good for your baby’s health. But. You should continue your pumping when you come back home and express your more milk because it will be useful in case of an emergency. If I sum all the things in my mind it would be, pumping is life. Literally!

Hospital grade rental breast pump is just perfect for your first newborn baby. If you are a new mother and want to try a pump, I recommend you to use a Sonata breast pump, which is famous for its high-class performance. This pump is inspired by the hospital grade model as well.

Most of the Medela Pumps are designed with Two-Phase Expression Technology. This feature means that they can enjoy the natural sucking patterns as babies do. Mothers can express more milk through this technology.

Medela offers a selection of breast-feeding accessories and products to meet every mother’s requirements. Medela also caters to a wide variety of breastfeeding spare parts that increase and support the experience of breastfeeding. The pumping products of this brand are also noiseless, which make this brand favorite among the mothers whose meeting talks aren’t disturbed by pumping sessions. If you are a working lady and want to pump outside the home then, Medela Hand Pumps are straight-up wonderful. You are really doing a tough job and I truly appreciate you!

Since every mother has an exceptional and different breast-feeding experience, the selection of a breast pump should be one that meets your particular desires. Once you are familiar with details about the schedule of your infant’s feeding then you are a pro. To pick out a Medela starter pump, you need to figure out:

  • How Frequently It Will Be Used?
  • What High Performance Features You want? Like:
    • Accessories
    • Pump Type
    • Vacuum
    • Rechargeable Battery
  • What Medical Circumstances You May Have Related to Breast-feeding?

By identifying these features, you can conclude, which Medela Double Electric Breast Pump will work finest for you and your newborn baby.

Why Medela Brest Pump?

In the competition days to design a better pump for breastfeeding, Medela has a massive benefit. The ‘Affordable Care Act’ needs all guarantors to cover the price of a pump, and as part of that deal, most of the mothers received the Medela Pump in Style Advanced (PISA). So far, it is the most widespread breast pump, the foremost and only electric breast pump that most of the mothers have used. The Sonata pump is the biggest example of comfortable and best technology pump.

For those mothers who have used the Pump in Style Advanced, the Sonata box is very useful for them. The Sonata pump has the same:
• Breast Shields
• Ice Pack with Cooler Bag
• Exclusive Milk Bottles
• Even a Version of a Black Carrying Bag of Pump In Style Advanced

These are the features that Sonata pump contains which are beneficial for every kind of mother.

Some Interesting Facts of Medela by Academic Research

Medela is a research-based firm and has sponsored fundamental research on breast-feeding and breast milk of mothers. For almost 20 years now, it has done research on advanced medical vacuum technology.

About breast milk and breast-feeding research, Medela has a long-lasting association with the University of Western Australia (UWA). It has a great alliance and association from all around the globe with other:

  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Research Institutions

For the development and design of breast pumps and their accessories in the domain of medical vacuum technologies, Medela has a reputable solid connection with the key estimation leaders and medical specialists in hospitals all-inclusive.

The Innovation Process of Medela – Involvement of Mothers

The innovation process of Medela involves its customers. By inquiring the users about their requirements and proficiencies in using Medela pumps and milking vacuum technology, new mothers can benefit. The development of products of Medela is directed by the requirements of customers.

Double or Single Medela Pump and Manual or Electric Pump?

Selecting Medela Breast Pump Bag begins with the verdict about how frequent you decide to breastfeed your newborn baby from a milk bottle. If you are sure that you will be sharing the baby feeding duties with someone more than twice a week, I highly suggest Medela products that help you to extract more milk from both sides of the breast, at once. It assists you to keep up your breast milk flow.

If you are deciding to express breast milk and feed on a milk bottle twice a week or less, then I recommend you to buy a Medela Single Electric Breast Pump.

A manual pump is the best option when you are going to travel or as backup support when you can’t use electric pumps because of power issues. Find out which Medela Storage Bags suits your requirements best according to your standard of living.

Top Features of Medela Products

The main reason why Medela’s products continue to grow in fame is that they are made by using a distinct technology. This special technology is useful to express more milk in less time. There are two major kinds of starter breast pumps by Medela that provide electric and manual breast pump for mothers. Search here all your queries and find the best electric or manual breast pump that will allow you to express more milk and enjoy the best milking experience!

  • Integrated double electric pump
  • One microfiber carry bag
  • Hands-free structure
  • Lightweight pump and
  • Digital display
  • One memory button
  • Timer
  • Backlight
  • 2 Phase Expression Technology
  • One-touch let-down button that offers to pump more efficiently
  • Regulating suction speed level or vacuum control
  • Mothers can express milk from both single or double pumping
  • Non-fixed cooler bag with contoured ice packs
  • Double pumping kit with 3 breast milk bottles
  • Comes with lids and two sets of Personal Fit breast shields
  • Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
  • AC charger

Top-Rated Medela Breast Pumps 2019 for Traveler Mothers

For Medela, modernization is vital to make sure the future professional victory. Innovation and modernization are the outcomes of passionate elementary research and the estimation of clients’ requirements. These days, improvement projects in medical technology should keep an eye on a homogeneous, user balanced design procedure.

Medela is a top-quality, hospital grade pump that is easier to use and purposeful pump I have ever seen. There is a unique selection of Medela Easy Expression Bustier available at online sites like Amazon. These pumps are designed to support different infant care conditions, whether it be regular pumping, infrequent pumping or logged clock session of pumping.

Here are the Top Rated Medela Hospital Grade Breast Pump 2019 for Traveler Mothers that will help you to buy the right pump:

Ranking Name Rating Price
1 MedalaAdvancedStyle

Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump

4.5 Star
2 Swing Maxi Double Electric Pump

Swing Maxi Double Electric Pump

4 Star
3 Swing Single Electric Breast Pump

Swing Single Electric Breast Pump

4 Star
4 Mini Electric Breast Pump

Mini Electric Breast Pump 

3. 5 Star

Harmony Manual Breast Pump

4.5 Star
6 Harmony Manual Breast Pump - Pump & Feed Set

Harmony Manual Breast Pump – Pump & Feed Set

3.5 Star
7 Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump

 Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump

4.5 Star
8 Harmony Manual Breast Pump - Pump & Feed Set

New Easy Expression Bustier Breast Pump

4 Star
Best Seller No.1
Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump
Best Seller No.2
Swing Maxi Double Electric Pump
Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump
Best Seller No.3
Swing Single Electric Breast Pump
Swing Single Electric Breast Pump
Best Seller No.4
Mini Electric Breast Pump
Mini Electric Breast Pump
Best Seller No.5
Harmony Manual Breast Pump
Best Seller No.6
Harmony Manual Breast Pump - Pump & Feed Set
Harmony Manual Breast Pump – Pump & Feed Set
Best Seller No.7
Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump
Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump
Best Seller No.8
Harmony Manual Breast Pump - Pump & Feed Set
New Easy Expression Bustier Breast Pump

How Long Do Medela Brand’s Products Last?

Medela Sonata Breast Pump have lifecycles and planned usages that vary by Medela model and Medela manufacturer. You should always think how frequent you decide to express milk through a breast pump, whether you are deciding to take a secondhand pump or a new breast pump for your exclusive pumping. It is a necessary decision that every breastfeeding mother has to take.

If you decide to use secondhand breast pumps, you should check how many hours it has been used previously.

I suggest that you choose those breast pump manufacturers who offer Charts Comparing the planned uses and life cycles of their numerous models.

If you are choosing a manual breast pump then this chart comparing facility can also be found in these manual pumps, which are easily accessible on different manufacturers’ sites.

How to Working Mothers Clean Medela Breast Pump Parts

See here full detail before and after usage of a breast pump.

  • Before First Using a Breast Pump

Before first use, Medela brand suggests boiling all parts of your breast pump, except for,

  • The Tubes of Pump
  • The Symphony Dome Caps

To cover all pump parts by water, fill a tub or pan with adequate water. Then you must boil these parts for 10 minutes. After this, immediately take the tub away from the heat, wait until the water cools down and then remove the parts from water. To air dry the parts, you must place them on a clean surface. If the parts of the pump are still wet, don’t store or pack them.

  • After using the pump separate all the parts and wash them with cool water
  • Remember that, don’t wash tubes of the pump
  • Then put all parts into the hot and soapy water and wash them with water
  • Separate the clean parts of the pump on the upper stand of the dishwasher
  • Then put the parts on a clean surface to air dry
  • After this, store your pump parts
  • In Medela microwave bags, you can also clean the parts of the pump through Medela wipes because it is made for washing pump parts.

Important Note: if you can’t wash your breast pump parts properly after each use then store your pump parts in a fridge or freezer between each use, and at least once a day wash these parts carefully.

How Often Should Breastfeeding Mothers Pump?

There are three main points that help you when you use Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump.

  • When the Newborn Infant doesn’t want to feed on your Breast

When you know that your baby doesn’t drink your breast milk then you need a pump. Therefore, you express milk at least every 2 to 3 hours in the daytime and every 3 to 4 hours at night time.

  • When You are Going to Travel and the Baby Isn’t Going with You

When you are going away from your baby then you must pump maximum milk for your baby that will help in your absence.

When you don’t have Enough Milk Flow for Your Newborn Baby

When you realize that your natural milk flow is very low and your baby can’t feed properly then you must need the best breast pump to express more milk in less time. You must express milk every 30 minutes. To increase the milk flow take some food supplements that increase the milk supply or visit a lactation consultant.


According to surveys, the most popular Medela pump is Harmony among mothers because it comes with Two-Phase Expression Technology and it is a manual pump.

Frankly speaking, I would highly recommend a Sonata breast pump. It comes with better suction and has a more powerful motor as well as it is a portable pump. I hope you’ll find a pump that will be according to your requirements!

Sara Hampel

Sara Hampel has two kids and she loves to feed their babies with top branded breast pumps which are providing much-needed services and products for her and kids. She is eager to use different types of breast pumps nowadays.

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