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Spectra Breast Pump – Perfect Guidelines & Reviews 2019

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2019)

Good News for Breastfeeding Mothers! Now they can effortlessly pump milk into the baby’s milk bottles just with Spectra Breast Pump.

Spectra Breast Pump – Perfect Guidelines & Reviews 2019

Buying an economical and advanced breast pump, only to exclusive pumping then it is a big commitment and kind of an anxious act. You spend a lot of time during the day hooked up to the breast pump, but how can you buy it without trying and only by seeing it in person. Some mothers, when they decide to get a manual breast pump or electric pump, spend maximum time to search for a desirable pump and they try to discover which one they should get.

The finest way to figure out which breast pump you want to buy is ‘What Is Most Important to You’!

The Spectra Brand is one of the globes’ highly recommended models of breast pumps, and with good reason. This brand’s products feature a Natural Nursing Technology, a set of features planned to make pumping session stress-free and more relaxed than ever. Spectra Baby USA provides:

  • Products
  • Support
  • Education

Through this, breast milk is considered the best for newborn babies through an advanced, relaxed suckle technology pumps. We understand that each breastfeeding connection seems very different for every single family and we are grateful to come together with to support your breastfeeding journey. The Spectra brand offers a customer service team of lactation experts to be capable to truthfully discourse the requirements of mothers and their infants. The Spectra brand is committed to offering extreme amenity to all:

  • Clients
  • Consumers
  • Suppliers

In this respect, I will respond to some general questions about Spectra brand’s products, then thoroughly review six of its top breast pumps.

Where does Spectra Pump Design?

Initially, Spectra Pumps are designed in Asia. But now Spectra Breast Pump Bags are brought to the USA by board-approved lactation advisors and certified nurses who examine the globe over to search the top breast pumps for breastfeeding mothers.

Those lactation counselors and nurses now own and work for Spectra Baby USA. When you consider Spectra Baby USA, you can buy assuredly because you know that these pumps are designed by professional consultants and nurses.

How do New Mothers Use the Spectra Breast Pump?

First of all, press a button. Press the three-wave button if you want to get a massage first. This will normally take from half a minute to several minutes to begin operating.

Then again press the three-wave button when your breast milk is ready to extract out to put it back in the mode of expression (where it began) and regulate the suction power to your desired level. Don’t be scared of testing a little with the breast pump settings.

Difference between Manual Spectra Pump and Electric Pump

The manual breast pumps are just devices which are planned to assist you nursing at an instant’s notice. On the other hand, electric breast pumps are very useful and supportive. Whether battery-operated or plugin powered – you can control each and everything in the pumping process if you are an electric pump user.

Most new mothers feel that the electric breast pumps are basically quite better pumps, but it does not harm you to have a manual breast pump if something goes erroneous.

Does Spectra Breast Pump Work in Closed System?

Another main thing is that Spectra Hospital Grade Breast Pump works in a closed system. It means that there is a comprehensive physical blockade among mothers’ breast milk and the motor of the pump. This is a very vital feature which is missing from several very famous breast pump brands.

If you choose a pump which has an open system then particles of milk and moisture can move down into the tube. It will perhaps go into the motor of the pump which would be impossible to wash or sterilize. This can lead to the growth of fungus in the pump.

It also means that using a second-hand breast pump with an open system is a probable cause of virus and bacteria transmission.

This is the main reason you should never purchase a used breast pump which has an open system. You must purchase a new collection kit of milk because you can’t wash or sterilize the genuine breast pump. The Spectra brand comes with a closed system feature that guards your breast milk and the motor of a pump.

Top 6 Spectra Breast Pumps 2019 for Working Moms

The Spectra Double Breast Pump is an advanced Double Electric Pump from South Korea that is a reputable and popular brand among breast pump models. The Spectra brands pump feature:

  • Massage Mode for Expression of Milk
  • Very Strong Suction Power in Spite of Compressed Size
  • Closed System
  • Super Quiet Pumping Session

Here are the Top 6 Spectra Electric Breast Pumps 2019 for Working Mothers:

  • Spectra S1 Plus

This Spectra S1 PLUS is a Hospital Grade Double Electric Pump with a Built-In Rechargeable Battery!

The S1 Plus has also closed system feature like other Spectra pumps. This means that a physical blockade is present among the breast milk and the motor of the pump. You can avail both options like single or double pumping due to a maximum suction power of 250 mm Hg. The S1 plus Pump is a multitude of supplementary features. It is fixed to become the winner and best seller pump to assist the mothers of the United States.

It means that mothers are now relished from this pump like:

  • Productivity
  • Power
  • Performance of a Hospital Grade Breast Pump
  • No Compromising on Transportability

In both let-down and extraction mode, suction is being regulated, as well as the rechargeable battery, pump timer, and a nightlight. This pump is also quite noiseless. The backflow protection helps:

  • To guard breast milk and newborn from viruses, bacteria, and fungus growth in the pump
  • To keep tubes, dry by stopping air flow among extracted milk and tubes during pumping
  • By saving you time that would be required to wash the slim tubes

The weight of this breast pump motor is only 4 lbs which are very comfortable and effective! It is charged by an AC connector!

S1 Plus

  • This Model of Spectra is the Best
  • During the Pumping Session, It is Comfortable
  • This Pump Comes with a Rechargeable Battery
  • After a few Months of Usages, It’s Battery can Run Out
  • It is Heavier than other Models of Spectra


Mothers are really impressed with Spectra S1 Plus and it helps them get out of most breastfeeding problems such as:

  • Inverted Breast Nipples
  • Enlargement
  • Low Milk Flow
  • Premature Infants

If you require to pump a lot in a day, then it’s perfect for you!

You can get the equipment of this pump at a very reasonable price. The main drawbacks that mothers dislike is:

  • The Collection Bottles
  • The Material Seems Cheap

If you are planning to buy this pump, I recommend buying a set of top quality baby’s milk bottle.

  • Spectra S2 Plus

The Spectra S2 plus Breast Pump comes with many modern features and is planned to really meet the requirements of mothers. The mothers who want to feel self-reliant, then this pump is effective and strong to enhance the milk flow. It has advanced features that make the lives of mothers a little easier.

This Spectra S2 plus Breast Pump 2019 is also a Closed System!

The main and catchy features are:

  • Absolutely Flexible
  • Touch Buttons
  • Timer
  • Night Light
  • Digital Controls

These points allow mothers to fix the pumping speed and rhythm and it is most productive for your body. In both modes, let-down, and expression, suction power is adaptable! This breast pump is also certainly soundless while pumping. The backflow protection helps:

  • To look after breast milk and infant from viruses, bacteria, and to stop the growth of fungus in the pump.
  • To keeps pump’s tubes, dry by averting air flow between extracted milk and pump’s tubes

The weight of the pump’s motor is just 4 lbs! It is charged by an AC Adapter.

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

  • There is No Danger of Battery Running Out
  • Comparable with Spectra S2 plus Breast Pump
  • It is very Lightweight
  • This Breast Pump Needs a Wall Socket


I think the Spectra S2 breast pump is a good option or choice for new mothers. It’s suction strength is a little less at 320 mm Hg, but it is considered as a Hospital Grade Breast Pump. The regulating suction power and speed make this pump much more of an easy to use. It is really useful for mothers who want to relax during the pumping session. The pumps’ motor is strong and durable like 1500 workhorse. In short, it is a high-quality product with a good life cycle.

  • Spectra 9 plus Portable

Spectra 9 plus Portable is a Double Electric Breast Pump for mothers who require complete transportability and flexibility. It is a perfect breast pump for mothers who have no fixed time or place for using pumps.

Do you know that Spectra 9 has been upgraded in Spectra 9 plus Portable with advanced features that help in making your life easier?

Spectra 9 plus Portable’s Features

  • This 9 Plus breast pump comes with a double pump kit and this feature supports you to do double pumping. At the same instance, pumping both sides of your breasts save time. This double pumping feature also rises up levels of prolactin in mothers’ blood. Therefore, it is better for productive milk flow.
  • For each kit of milk, the collection has a Spectra 9 plus’s nozzle. This nozzle makes the single to double pumping process quite easier.
  • There is a letdown mode which is a light and fast mode that is designed to start the milk supply rapidly, just like an infant. Through this, mothers can get or express more milk for their babies.
  • This breast pump has a high:
    • Suction Power
    • Cycle Speed

The touch button of the pump allows mothers to regulate the suction power and cycle speed with one press. If you increase the suction power, the cycle speed will automatically decrease during the pumping session.

  • Another best feature of this pump is that it has a built-in rechargeable battery. Use your Spectra 9 plus portable breast pump while plugged in. As you know that it has a rechargeable battery, therefore, you can use it wherever you want.
  • It has an LCD display which means that mothers can easily check out the vacuum settings and cycle speed.
  • This pump has a battery indicator that indicates you how much battery you’ve got.
  • You can track how much to pump through the Timer feature.
  • This model of Spectra is popular for its portability because it is very lightweight and slim. It will adjust easily into your purse or shopping bags.
  • The Spectra S9 is designed with a closed system and through this system, babies are protected from bacteria, viruses, mold, and other infections.
  • This Spectra 9 Plus breast pump comes with:
    • High-Performance Vacuum
    • Maximum Suction Power of 300 mm Hg
  • For a newborn baby feeding, the slow-flow teats are apt.

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

  • This Breast Pump is Lightweight
  • It has Discreet Features
  • It is Perfect for Busy Mothers
  • Vacuum Settings, Timer, and Maximum Suction Power Facilities
  • The Warranty of Motor is Short


The Spectra 9 plus is a great option for mothers because this pump is hands-free. It is the best choice for moms who are regular user and need more milk. But, it’s not a hospital grade breast pump because of compact motor size. It still works well while pumping.

You can get milk around 5 to 6oz with a double pumping session, just after 20 minutes of usage. The major drawback of Spectra S9 plus Portable is that it is pretty loud during pumping. But other Spectra’s breast pumps are less noisy.

  • Spectra Dew 350

The Spectra Dew 350 comes with a hospital grade breast pump technology and user-friendly features for mothers. This is an ideal and perfect pump for mothers who are working full-time and need a fast breast pumping experience.

Initially, this breast pump was designed to enhance and keep up the milk flow. It is really useful for mother with:

  • Premature Babies
  • Latch Difficulties

The motor weight of Spectra Dew 350 breast pump is only 5 lbs. Mothers can easily power it by using an AC adapter. The backflow protection filter helps:

  • While pumping session, to protect the milk and infant from viruses, bacteria, and mold
  • To keep the pump tubes, dry by avoiding air flow among extracted milk and tubing of the pump

Your Pumping Experience will be Customized through Spectra Dew 350 like:

  • Absolutely Flexible Suction Power
  • Every mother can change the pump settings according to her body and requirement of the baby in order to get the best possible experience from the pump.

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

  • It is Designed for Newborn Babies that Require More Pumping
  • This Model of Spectra Needs Least Care and Cleaning
  • It is a Hospital Grade Breast Pump
  • It is Cheaper
  • There is No Digital Display
  • It doesn’t Come with Massage Mode


The best thing is that Spectra Dew 350 is a hospital grade pump and it is approximately 8 times cheaper than other breast pump brands. It is pretty compressed and works well.

The suction power of the pump is one of the most dominant features that make it perfect among other breast pump models.

The only disappointment is that you can’t adjust the suction power or speed. Eventually, I think the Spectra S2 is better and works efficiently with more advanced features than Spectra Dew 35. Just at the same price. You can get an even lower price, depending on what deals are available at that time.

  • Spectra Handy Manual Breast Pump

The Spectra brand offers the only non-electric pump which is Spectra Handy Manual Breast Pump. It is actually not as good as the Spectra’s other models. But, the most favorable thing about it is that this breast pump is highly lightweight and inexpensive.

There is no massage mode and there are other few problems with a pump’s quality which suggests that this pump should not be used as a backup pump.

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

  • It Comes with Silicone Massager & Duckbill Regulator
  • The Weighs of the Pump is Just 0.2 Pounds
  • It is Cheaper than Other Products
  • It is BPA Free
  • The Suction Power Goes to 250 mmHg
  • It is Really Lightweight & Ergonomic
  • It comes with 1 Year Warranty Card
  • Mothers can’t Enjoy the Electric Pump Features
  • It can be Mostly Used as a Backup Pump
  • Breast Pumps Bras are not included


The Spectra Handy Manual Breast Pump is the best option for those mothers who just want to pump on some special events. The mothers can’t enjoy the programmed or advanced features in the manual pump as they can in an electric pump. But this is handy plus this breast pump works well as compared to other manual pumps.

You can get just 3 to 4oz of milk after the pumping session of 20 to 30 minutes. I would not recommend this manual breast pump if you are a regular user of breast pumps. It is best for. “in case of an emergency” or you just for pumping occasionally.

  • Spectra M1 Breast Pump

For regular expressing, the Spectra M1 Breast Pump model is a perfect double breast pump for working and traveler mothers. Even you can pump up to twice daily. This pump is really lightweight and its weight is just 14 oz. It is really compact and can fit into your purse or handbag.

Due to its very few parts, it is easy to use, maintain, and clean. Just plug into a socket and start pumping. It is also available at a very affordable price.

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

  • It is Compact & Very Lightweight
  • It is Quiet while Pumping
  • It Comes with Rechargeable Battery
  • Ac Adapter
  • Mothers can Use Both, Single or Double Pumping
  • It is Cheaper to Buy
  • It is Not a Hospital Grade Breast Pump
  • Mothers can’t Control its’ Suction Power
  • Can’t Control the Speed Independently


It is the best breast pump for every day pumping. You can easily avail this pump at a very reasonable price, and it works well. The suction power of the pump boasts up to 300 mm HG which is very productive. The suction cycle speed is around 30 to 46 sucks per minute. Mothers can control the speed and suction power easily.

Mothers can use this pump for single and double pumping, depending on your requirements. It is very easy to use and it has a backflow valve that prevents the milk from entering into the motor. The closed system makes sure that the pump, pumps milk infection free. If you use it regularly and twice a day then it is possible that it’s motor burns. I recommend that you choose the Hospital Grade Spectra Pumps.

Top-Rated Spectra Breast Pump 2019 for Breastfeeding Moms

Every mother may have already known about the big brands for breast pumps like:

  • Medela
  • Philips Avent
  • Ameda

Well, there is a new competitor in town, Spectra Baby which is now included in the top brands of breast pumps!

Each mother needs the best breast pump that works efficiently, produces more milk, and saves her skin from infection and mold. This breast pump brand has begun out in the United Kingdom and Australia and became popular among mothers immediately.

I am done with online research and now helping you which Spectra Baby Breast Pump is perfect for you. Check out the Top Rated Spectra Portable Pump 2019 for Breastfeeding Moms here.


Ranking Name Rating Price
1 Spectra S1 Plus

Spectra S1 Plus

4.5 Star
2 Spectra S2 Plus

Spectra S2 Plus

4 Star
3 Spectra 9 Plus Portable

Spectra 9 Plus Portable

4 Star
4 Spectra Dew 350

Spectra Dew 350

3. 5 Star
5 Spectra Handy Manual Breast Pump

Spectra Handy Manual Breast Pump

4.5 Star
6 Spectra M1 Breast Pump

Spectra M1 Breast Pump

3.5 Star
Best Seller No.1
Spectra S1 Plus
Spectra S1 Plus
Best Seller No.2
Spectra S2 Plus
Spectra S2 Plus
Best Seller No.3
Spectra 9 Plus Portable
Spectra 9 Plus Portable
Best Seller No.4
Spectra Dew 350
Spectra Dew 350
Best Seller No.5
Spectra Handy Manual Breast Pump
Spectra Handy Manual Breast Pump
Best Seller No.6
Spectra M1 Breast Pump
Spectra M1 Breast Pump

Top Tips for Pick out a Spectra Breast Pump for Daily Use

The best products or models of the Spectra brand are S1 plus and S2 plus. You can find both portability and reliability in these breast pumps. If you can afford to buy a bit expensive pumps then buy one of these!

If you need a small and discreet breast pump then Spectra 9 plus Portable should be your choice.

If you need long-term pumping then Spectra Dew 350 is the best choice. You can keep a handy manual pump for backup.

Always Remember that You Should Not Treat the Spectra Handy Manual Breast Pump as a Primary Pump!

The Similar Features of Both Spectra S1 and S2 Breast Pumps

Both S1 and S2 are Best Spectra Breast Pumps. Both models are Double Electric Pumps which allow mothers to pump from both sides of the breast. The following features are contained within both products:

  • Massage mode
  • Expression mode
  • Auto timer which informs mothers how much they’ve pumped
  • Backlight feature which assists you to pump in the dark
  • Adaptable suction power control
  • Mothers can check out how many hours they have pumped
  • 2 years warranty card

Difference between Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 Breast Pumps Models

There are only 2 differences between Spectra S1 and S2 pumps which are; rechargeable battery and size.

  • Spectra S1 pump comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Spectra S2 doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery
  • The Spectra S2 is pretty smaller as compared to Spectra S1

Which Spectra Breast Pump is Ideal for Traveler Moms?

If you are looking for transportability then according to my research, I feel that Spectra S1 plus is the ideal product! Mothers can easily find a discreet area if they have a portable breast pump.

Note: Make sure, you plug this pump into a socket on a regular basis to charge it completely. It helps you to pump for the whole day anytime and anywhere.

If you can’t afford Spectra S1, Spectra S2 is another great choice for on the go mothers! Which has quite similar features?

Models of Spectra Breast Pump with All Inclusive Features

The Spectra models are advanced double electric breast pumps and are designed for mothers who are looking for complete portability and flexibility. These pumps come with:

  • Double Pump Kit
  • One Touch Adaptable Suction
  • Bright LCD Display with Timer
  • Advanced 2 Phase Expression Technology

These pumps are manufactured to really meet the requirements of mothers. The Spectra Pumps are lightweight to use and are strong and practical. The Spectra pumps relieve mothers and support them in their breastfeeding goals. Here is a comparison table that may be useful for you to buy the Spectra S2 Hospital Strength Breast Pump by Spectra Baby USA.

How do Domestic Mothers Clean the Spectra Breast Pump?

You can clean the outer side of the pump with a sterile cloth. You don’t require to clean the inner parts of the pump because these pumps have a closed system and don’t get dirty. You can wash the parts with warm water.

How should New Mothers Dry Spectra Breast Pump?

The breast pump should be packed in a clean, taped up a container to avert dust and filth.

I also suggest that you clean it before use to make sure nothing gets into the milk. The pump’s parts should be air dried.

Can Traveler Mothers Travel on Planes with Spectra Pumps?

Remember that, breast milk is treated as a fluid, so mothers can’t have more than 3 ounces of milk. Then mothers should separate the:

  • Milk
  • Pump
  • Bottles

So, you can assert them, and you may require to uncover some of the containers.

Do Working Mothers Use Same Milk Bottles for Electric and Manual Spectra Pumps?

The best way to use the bottles is that mothers use those milk bottles that come with their own breast pumps. The extra milk bottles can be used if the mothers need them.

These Spectra pumps come with great features! These pumps are designed to make the lives of mothers easier. They help mothers to express more milk in less time.

How Long Do Spectra Pumps Work?

The Spectra Hospital Strength Breast Pump have lifecycles and planned usages and it varies by spectra model and manufacturer. Whether mothers decide to use a recycled breast pump or buy a new breast pump, they must check out its features and pumping time.

For second-hand Amazon Spectra S2, mothers can also get these pumps from hospitals and medical stores, but I would not recommend it. These second-hand pumps are full of infections, bacteria, and mold. If you are going to use them, then you and your baby’s life is at high risk.

The Major Pros that Help You to Buy a Spectra Breast Pump

Are you looking for the best Spectra Pumps? Then see here, the biggest advantage of Spectra breast pumps that help the new mothers to buy them.

  • Comfort

Many mothers who are Spectra user gave their views on it that when they are using this pump, they feel comfortable and relaxed. They said they liked it a lot due to it being portable and it’s suction power is good. The pump doesn’t damage the skin or nipples.

When mothers use it to express milk for their babies, they feel relaxed and don’t feel any pain or anxiety.

  • Spectra Pump is Noiseless or Soundless

Another attractive feature is that the United Healthcare Breast Pump Spectra are noiseless. When you are using this pump for extracting milk, they don’t produce any sound. Even working mothers can use it during their conference calls at official work and believe me no one will know what you are doing.

  • Customer Service

Every single mother said that Spectra customer service is very helpful and easy to approach.

If you lose the suction power or your pumps’ tubes are damaged then you can take help from the Customer Services of Spectra.

The Major Drawbacks of Spectra Breast Pumps

The only drawback is that the parts of Spectra Portable Breast Pump can be difficult to find in medical stores.

In most cases, mothers use parts of other breast pump brands that are really painful for them. This is considered a big drawback of Spectra’ models. If you are lucky enough to find these parts on Amazon, you can buy them.

Comparison between the Spectra Breast Pumps & Medela Brand Pumps

The Spectra S1 breast pump and the Medela Freestyle pump are quite similar and comparable as they each have:

  • A Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy to Move
  • Portable Pumps
  • Freestyle comes with a clip that mothers fix in their pants
  • Spectra S1 comes with a handle

Similarly, Spectra S2 breast pump is more similar to Medela Pump in Style and these pumps require an outlet to charge the battery.

If you are going to buy the Spectra Breast Pump or Medela Freestyle pump, then remember that Medela pumps are expensive than Spectra breast pumps.

Check out Spectra’s Other Products to Buy

For women, spectra’s best and main product is Breast pumps. But spectra brand also do offer some pump accessories that are highly recommended to be purchased. You can see the list here:

  • Spectra Wide Neck Milk Bottles

The pumps of spectra don’t fit into common bottles or bottles of other brands; therefore, this brand offers wide neck milk bottles for mothers who are spectra users.

These milk bottles are BPA free and easily fit into both the fridge and the freezer. Every single, wide neck bottle holds up to 160mL milk, and I highly suggest that you must get one set of it.

Another important thing is that Spectra doesn’t sell the nipples for the pump cup!

  • Spectra Cooler with Ice Pack and 2 Milk Bottles

The Spectra Cooler comes in pink color and if you don’t want to express milk outside your home then it is really helpful and is perfect for carrying breast milk.

The cooler has two milk bottles as well. This is perfect if you are on the go and don’t have time to express milk.

Note: this product isn’t compulsory for all mothers!

  • Spectra Breast Shield Set

The Spectra brand requires to replace the pumps’ parts after 3 to 6 months. This replacement is imperative for:

  • Performance
  • Hygiene

The spectra breast shield set is well-matched in all models of spectra like S1, S2, 9 Plus, and M1 models. This set includes:

  • A Wide Neck Flange
  • A Backflow Shield
  • A Duckbill Regulator

Remember that you will need two sets if you wish to perform double pumping.

Public Opinion on Spectra Breast Pump

According to a survey, Spectra products are normally well-known during online searching. The average rating of S1 Plus is 4.5/5 stars. Before buying these Spectra Breast Pumps, you should read out the feedback and reviews of their customers. It really helps you to choose the right breast pump that will be according to your needs and requirements. See here some comments, I think it will be helpful for you.

Most positive comments are given on Spectra products such as an appreciation for:

  • They are Soundless While Pumping
  • The Automatic Pump Timer Works for a Long time
  • The Massage Feature that Helps Mothers to Feel Relaxed
  • It is Best for Twin Babies because You can Express More Milk

So, if we consider these comments then we should take a risk to buy Spectra pumps for breastfeeding days. If you can easily afford and realize that you need a breast pump for better pumping then go for it! I hope the breastfeeding experience will remain good for you and your baby. Just buy a pump and make your life easier!


In short, most of Spectra pumps are noiseless, productive, and comfortable. It is exactly what new mothers want to buy in the form of a breast pump. I highly recommend the Spectra S1 plus or the Spectra S2 plus due to their modern and advanced pumping features. Both of these pumps are compatible with Medela breast pumps.

The best purchase Spectra model is the Spectra S2 due to its durable performance and price. It is cheaper than Spectra S1 breast pump. On the third position is the Spectra 9 plus if you can’t afford the Spectra S1 and S2 breast pumps then go for this one.

I have mentioned all the pros, cons, features, drawbacks and comparisons with other pumps. Now the choice is yours what you choose for yourself. My ultimate choice is Spectra S1 Breast Pump which is perfect for working and traveler mothers.

Sara Hampel

Sara Hampel has two kids and she loves to feed their babies with top branded breast pumps which are providing much-needed services and products for her and kids. She is eager to use different types of breast pumps nowadays.

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